Key Offerings

Customise your MOOC to run on any device, Give flexible learning environment to your employees.

Your Customised MOOC is not licensed based on the number of users. Your investment gives more returns per user added.

Customise your Assessments and tests based on your L & D Strategy. Create a dynamic assessment environment to suit your L & D Vision.

Encourage your employees to be life long learners. Give them the freedom to choose their flexible hours to accomplish learning goals. Quizzes and gamification ensures learner accomplishment.

Your Custom Built MOOC ensures that your Investment in the Learning Tool in the form of Customised Contents and Assessments become Plugins for other LMS being used by you.

Get the Industry Standard Rubric Based Evaluation System in your L & D Initiatives. This ensures standardisation of learning assessments across all levels in your organization.

Learner’s Competencies are mapped using pre and post training tests. This ensures quality of learning for your employees. Focus is on imparting relevant skills to your employees.

Learning is a two way street. Learners are encouraged to generate their own knowledge and share it with their learning group members using blogs, e-portfolios and other Social Media Tools within the LMS.

This is the 360 Degree Learning. Flexible, Adaptive and Self-Expressive Learning for the Learners. Use of all types of Learning resources along with Web Tools like Wikis and Blogs. Use of Social Media to complement Pedagogy and Learning Resources.

Encourage a Peer Learning Environment which fosters Collaboration of Knowledge Base. Peer to Peer Learning using Social Media and Blogs.

Generate Customised Reports on Learners activities. User metrics can be generated using custom defined parameters. Useful Learner Analytics and progress tracking.

Track Learner Engagement in your programme by his blogs, Assessments and Tests completed and Course Modules completion timelines. Keep your learners on track for course completion.

Assignment, Projects and Tests are reviewed by peers and team members. Getting immediate feedback on the learning by the learner goes a long way in completing the programme in time.

Learners can be given various Badges for their unique accomplishments during the programme. Badges could be used on their Resumes, Internal evaluation systems, reward systems and could also be shared on their Social Media pages.

The greatest challenge for a LMS is to ensure that all learners stay in the course and complete it within the milestones established. Our unique offering of Gamification of the learners experience ensures that the learner is motivated to learn and complete the course with the set milestones.

Learner Analytics and Badges showing Accomplishments could be used as a parameter for performance rewards and also as a yardstick for nominating employees for awards and recommendations.

A unique Blend of features coupled with No User Based Licensing makes your MOOC a Lean and Low Cost Per Employee L & D Investment.

Your Custom Built MOOC is a life long L & D Investment that is scalable to your future needs. This ensures that your one time investment has multiple paybacks over a period of time.