Our Offerings

We are a boutique consulting firm focused on adult learning technologies. We offer a variety of services to our clients from Need Assessment to LMS Design to Content Management to Customised Assessment. We have it all. 

Our Smart Solutions – HegdeSoft IT Services, caters to SME’s and Startups. We offer best in class of low Investment – Fast Deployment – Small Business Automation.

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Our Service Offerings

LMS Design and Development

Custom Build your MOOC or get your existing LMS Customised from us. Align your Learning tools to your L & D Vision. Built on Open Source Platforms to offer complete freedom of deployment.

Content Management

Get your LMS Content Customised from us. Re-use them in various platforms. Get your Contents developed by our SME’s (Subject Matter Experts).

Smart Solutions for Small Businesses

Cloud based Solutions for Small Businesses and Startups. Low Investment and High ROI Assets. Deployment in short timeframe. 

Customised Learning Solutions