The Design Studio

design services

Instructional Design Services offered from getting your TNA done upto the Design and Delivery of the learning tool and beyond.

 Identifying your learner characteristics and customising assessments and learner engagements accordingly. 

“When Learners encounter new information, new ideas, new events, they are trying to incorporate those new occurrences to the existing cognitive structure .”

Jean Piaget's Perspective on Constructivism.
Learner Centric designs

Process Oriented Approach

Our Design Approach follows contemporary and tested ID Models of Global Industry Standards.

Learner analytics

Our Design Focus is Learner Centric. Learner Analytics – using Rubric based evaluation system.

Talent Development

Bring Synergy in your Teams. Collaborative Learning is here….Nautilus is here….Use the inclusive approach to Talent Development. Everybody has Talent. Tap the Latent Potential of your employees. Get Nautilus now!!!

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